Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

    Our association relies upon Sponsorships and Exhibitors to help us pay for our annual conference. Please consider sponsorship so that your company can receive extra value added recognition throughout our 9th annual conference.


    Conference Program Insert - $500

    This is a great opportunity for AMBA members to get to know your company and to provide visibility throughout the conference with a full page insert, front and back.


    Conference Networking Social (October 15, 2009) - $1000 

    This is a great opportunity to establish valuable contacts and relationships with our members. Sponsor will receive an introduction during the event and will be able to give a brief overview of their company to attendees. All exhibitors are invited to the social but only the sponsor of this event will receive special recognition during the event. Two sponsors will be accepted for this event.


    Exhibit Hall Afternoon Break - $450

    Sponsoring a refreshment break provides added visibility for your company. There are two opportunities available throughout the conference.


    Morning Break - $450

    Sponsor the morning break to add visibility for your company. Two opportunities are available.


    AMBA Member of the Year and Awards Luncheon $1,000 

    Members are recognized for their contributions to our association throughout the year. Sponsor will present this year’s “Member of the Year” award and will receive special recognition through the conference. Additionally, sponsor will be able to introduce their company and speak briefly about the products or services offered during the luncheon.


    General Session Speaker Introduction - $200

    Sponsor will introduce the speaker for the training session and your company will gain added recognition. Several breakout sessions to choose from. Several opportunities are available.

     Badge holder Lanyard Cords with your Company Name - $600

    Sponsors name will be worn by attendees throughout the conference. One sponsorship available.


    Products or Services donated for Special Prize Drawings and Medical Money Madness Auction

    Sponsors name will be seen by attendees throughout the conference, on our website and in our pre and post conference newsletters along with links to your company. We need your help to make our Medical Money Madness Auction a success!


    All conference exhibitors and sponsors will receive visibility in our pre and post conference newsletters and email blasts as well as receiving a link to your website for added visibility. Additionally, during your sponsored event, your company's name and logo will appear on a tripod sign. Thank you to all of our sponsors and exhibitors for 2008.


    2009 Conference Sponsorship Form


    Business Name ___________________________________________________

    Contact Person ___________________________________________________

    Address _________________________________________________________

    (Address must be same as credit card statement)

    City ________________________________State __________Zip ___________

    Work Phone _________________________Fax _________________________

    Email _________________________Website ___________________________

    Name on Sponsorship Sign  _________________________________________

    Product/Service Description for Conference Brochure and Website (25 Word Limit)





    ___ Meet and Greet Networking Social October 15, 2009 - $1000
    ___ Conference Program Brochure Insert $500

    ___ Exhibit Hall Break - $450

    ___ AMBA Member of the Year and Awards Luncheon - $1000

    ___ General Speaker Introduction - $200

    ___ Badge holder Lanyard Cords - $600

    ___ We want to donate a gift for the Special Prize Drawings

    ___ We want to donate a gift for the Medical Money Madness Auction 

    Total Sponsorship Fee Enclosed $__________

     Payment Information 

    Charge my     ___Visa     ___MasterCard     ___Discover     ___American Express

     Card #__________________________________ Exp. Date_______________ 

    Credit Card Security Code from back of card (3 or 4 digit code) ______________

     Cardholder Name_________________________________________________

    (Charge will appear as AMBA)

    Make Checks Payable to

    AMBA · 2465 E. Main · Davis, OK 73030 

    Fax Credit Card Registrations to: (580) 369-2703

    Sponsor hereby covenants and agrees to save and hold the American Medical Billing Association, (AMBA), the Orleans Hotel and Casino (“Hotel”), subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, shareholders and employees free clear and harmless from any and all liability, lost, costs, expenses (including attorney’s fees), judgments, claims and demands of any kind whatsoever in connection with, arising out of or by reason of any act, omission, or negligence of Sponsor or its respective agents, employees, servants, or contractors in any way connected with or arising out of any accident, injury or damage, whether to person or property, whatsoever, occurring before, at, in, upon, about, after, or in any manner connected with the convention at The Orleans Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas in connection with this event. Sponsor acknowledges that neither the Hotel, hotel operator, nor AMBA maintain insurance covering exhibitor’s property and the exhibitor must obtain business interruption and property damage insurance sufficient to cover any loss sustained by sponsor.

    The American Medical Billing Association will not accept liability for damages of any nature sustained by sponsors or their accompanying persons or loss of or damage to their personal property as a result of the Conference or related events. 

    Sponsor Signature ________________________________Date ____________

    Questions? Call our Conference Coordinator at (580) 369-2700 or email