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    Claims Transit began as a billing center in December, 1989. We were the first billing center to offer electronic claims processing in our area. Since then, we have witnessed an emerging, yet restless industry.

    Prior to 1992, as few as 8% of all claims were filed electronically. Now, 75% are filed electronically. In the past years, many people started a billing business with the idea of offering electronic claims processing. The window of opportunity has just about come and gone. The real service of this business is in meeting provider's needs and that may be HIPAA consulting, working old, denied claims, and etc.

    We've seen companies who offer MEDICAL BILLING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES come and go. In fact, there have been just about as many go as have come.

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    The single most "biggest" hurdle established billers say is getting that first account. It might be true for some people, but not for Claims Transit. Our biggest problem was having enough people to do all the work. We found timing to be a key factor with regards to signing accounts.

    As long as we worked at it, we signed accounts. We found that our income was only limited only by our desires.

    No work . . . No money! Simple.
    Work a lot . . . have money! Even more simple.

    It didn't take long to realize, we had created a full fledged thriving business. It's not because we "fell into it" or "got lucky". We made our own way, stumbling often, but never making the same mistake twice. Soon, word got around about our knowledge and abilities.

    Here's something to think about:

    If you continue to think the way you always thought,
    you'll continue to get what you always got!

    Software development companies began asking us to make video and audio cassette tapes. We were contracted to write technical data on claims filing. Business Opportunity Sellers were asking us to teach them what we knew. Before we knew it, we were going in several directions.

    In 1992, we developed a claims cost comparison software program. It figures the cost of filing claims on paper and electronically. Within months, it seemed like every company in the industry was copying our idea. Now, it's an industry standard to have some form of cost analysis software.

    We've been instrumental in the development of new products and information available to the industry. We have always been in a development mode, hoping to discover a newer or better way of doing things. Making it easier for all of us to do our job . . .

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    Current Pathways

    The Harder You Work, The More Opportunity Comes Your Way

    The harder we worked at sharing information with others, the more we realized the tremendous need that other small billers had to network with others and the need to continuously learn more.

    We exist today to help others just like us to learn how to comply with industry regulations and to educate themselves so they may operate ethically and professionally.

    Along with the number of companies we've seen come and go, we've also seen a number of billing centers come and go. No one can guarantee your success. Only you can determine how much effort you put into your new business. With good tools, good support and training, and a willingness to learn, anyone can be successful.

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    Medical Billing Association Becomes Reality

    Over the past few years, there have been several people who have started some sort of Medical Billing Association. However, all of them have been self-serving. They were considered to be a profit center -- not necessarily in favor of the members who joined. What we found over and over were people only interested in making money for themselves. Or, they were arrogant and ignorant to small billers needs and only wanted to work with billing companies that contract with hundreds of doctors.

    Because the needs of small billers are unique, we have founded the American Medical Billing Association (AMBA). If you are interested in joining AMBA, visit AMBA's website.

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    Products and Services

    We provide many different services from helping billers understand their role and their education to developing products that assist small billers with their education and compliance.

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    About Us

    Cyndee and Larry Weston are the owners of Claims Transit. Together, they founded the American Medical Billing Association. Cyndee paid insurance claims as a senior claims examiner for several years prior to owning and operating her own medical billing business. Larry previously owned and operated a computer monitor depot-repair-center. They have made terrific progress in the medical billing industry.

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