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It's smart to use BillFlash to professionally print and mail your statements, just like you use a specialist to handle your insurance claims.  You'll eliminate the headaches and costs associated with printing, folding, inserting, stamping and mailing your statements. BillFlash can take your multiple hour or even day CHORE into a 5 minute, fast, accurate, and secure process!!!

Great Designs

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Save Money!

BillFlash clients report savings of 10-50% using BillFlash instead of their old method of creating patient statements. You will not only be saving money on ink, paper, envelopes, postage, and of course labor, but you will be saving a great deal of wear and tear on your office printer and your office staff!


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Eliminate Hassles!

BillFlash allows you to SKIP all of the difficult parts involved with patient billing. All you need to do is generate your statement batch using a specially provided statement form, and then upload them to BillFlash over a secure Internet connection. That is all!


Easy, No-Fee Customization!

The BillFlash service creates very professional looking statements that can be customized for your specific needs. With BillFlash, it is not only possible and cost effective, but is easy to produce statements that look more professional and are more customized than ANYTHING that you could do on your own.

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Improve Cash Flow!

BillFlash customers continually report receiving more total payments and receiving all payments sooner than ever before.  BillFlash's easy to read statements clearly display payment requirements and include perforated payment coupons and return envelopes.  One other thing, with BillFlash you can send out the bills once a month or once a day!

Advanced Features Improve Productivity!

BillFlash also helps improve your practice by offering two options:

  1. eView Online Statements - view, print, fax, email 90 days of mailed statements.  This tool increases patient and employee satisfaction.

  2. FASTforward Address Updating - mail is automatically forwarded to new addresses and you receive a report showing you the old and new address so you can keep track of patient billing addresses.

No Setup Fee, No Long-term Contracts!

Standard BillFlash has no setup fee and no long-term contract.  BillFlash is committed to earning your business every month.

You simply upload your statement file to BillFlash as often as you want and we do the rest. BillFlash produces, prints, sorts, folds, inserts, seals, meters, and mails your statements by the next business day. We also offer online statements, and address correction features. For further information, contact AMBA.

Service you can Trust!

Your statements will be professionally produced and mailed along with 10 million others every month!